Installing CCTV cameras is all well and good, but the footage captured needs to be closely monitored to ensure you aren’t missing any suspicious activity that could lead on to crime. Whilst this can be completed by your own team during working hours, who is responsible for monitoring the footage captured from the cameras around your site during the night? Fortunately, that is where our comprehensive service here at MRFS Group comes to the fore as, when you’re not in the office, we can remote monitor the CCTV footage before informing you and the relevant authorities if anything untoward takes place.

Would-be criminals often take their time to study a potential target before making any moves, so if they can see that your premises are empty during the night after everyone has left at the end of the working day, they may see this as the perfect opportunity to strike. It is therefore imperative that you have someone watching over your property during the hours of darkness, which is exactly what our team can do.

At our specialist and highly secure monitoring centre, we have an experienced team of operators who have access to the footage captured by your high resolution cameras as well as the external movement detectors set up at entrances. Should a problem arise which has been highlighted by footage from your cameras or from an alarm sounding, they will first send a message across to the unauthorised party informing them to leave the premises immediately before then informing the police, you and any other relevant parties, such as other key holders.

This quick action can make the difference between the criminals stealing from or vandalising your premises and leaving with nothing or being captured by the police, so the importance remote monitoring of CCTV can play for your business can’t be stressed enough.

If you’d like to benefit from this level of protection, both through the state-of-the-art cameras we can install as well as our remote monitoring service, give us a call today to arrange a no obligation survey of your premises. We look forward to helping and protecting you and your business.