The Timberyard, Deptford Landings project was a slightly different type of project for MRFS Group.  MRFS supplied the CCTV cameras for the project which were installed in various areas on site.   The primary purpose of the CCTV system was Health & Safety.  The system was installed in locations with machinery and high traffic areas, to ensure the construction crew were working safely and Health & Safety regulations were being followed.  The cameras were also used for security, to monitor the areas where deliveries were received.

Deptford Landings, formerly The Timberyard, is a new homes development set in a large regeneration area in south-east London.  It is a vibrant historical district set along the south bank of the Thames and bordering with Surrey Quays, Greenwich and Blackheath.  Built by the award winning Lendlease and measuring approximately 11,6 acres, it will add over 1000 modern homes, a new park and a variety of additional facilities to this residential district

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