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What is Smokecloak?

Smokecloak is connected to an intruder alarm system and when activated, produces volumes of white fog-like vapour, completely filling the area being protected and reducing visibility to less than 30cm within 60 seconds.

Benefits and Features:

  • The substance is a glycol vapour and is harmless to people and surroundings. It is similar to the stuff that gives a smoke effect in discos
  • Smokecloak is permanently connected to the mains supply and is triggered by the alarm system, so activing and deactivating are unnecessary
  • Smokecloak typically takes 30-40 seconds to fill a room and vapour lasts around 45 minutes in an unventilated space and at a normal temperature (i.e. 20C). However, if the density of the vapour drops, the system reactivates to maintain protection. A timer also limits how long vapour is produced after an alarm activation
  • Once the alarm has been turned off, open doors and windows to create a through-draught and this will generally reduce the smoke to allow visibility within 20 minutes
  • Smokecloak will be disabled automatically when the alarm system is unset
  • Some insurance companies are offering discounts for the installation of Smokecloak

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