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CCTV systems record incidents on your premises that can lead to police conviction of criminals based on the footage captured. Cameras also act as a visual deterrent.

CCTV affordably outperforms static guards and mobile patrols and you can monitor your surveillance system from anywhere in the world via the internet.

We supply cameras, lenses and digital recorders to fit your every requirement. As an NSI Gold company, all our CCTV Systems comply with industry standards and can be monitored 24/7 in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

We offer a range of economical non-branded, branded and leading-edge HD CCTV installations. We will also work in conjunction with manufacturers not in our portfolio should their specifications answer the needs of a particular project or requirement.


Megapixel HD technology is rapidly changing the face of CCTV as TV’s CSI crime scene investigation effect becomes reality.

Developed in the US, Avigilon cameras produce live images so sharp in any light and at any range that they can be used to identify unlawful actions. The company is the acknowledged world leader in megapixel technology. Avigilon cameras may provide more extensive coverage and sharper images at a more economical price because fewer units may do a better job than your current CCTV system.

MRFS Group’s commitment to guarding its customers’ interests is self-evident: we embrace new technologies ahead of our competitors and pride ourselves in service levels so we ensure we provide the industry’s highest standards.

Megapixel HD CCTV benefits include:

  • Ease of use
  • Award winning software
  • Lossless compression
  • Live pictures replicated in playback
  • High definition stream management
  • Pin sharp image quality
  • Highest frame rates
  • Lowest band width
  • Lossless recording produces archive as good as live
  • Allows recording of analogue cameras via an encoder

The video below demonstrates the recording quality and outstanding functionality of this equipment, which can be integrated into existing CCTV systems with an encoder or installed from scratch. This revolutionary product can be designed, installed and maintained by MRFS Group.

Click here to see our HD CCTV video

Example Videos

Before you can view the Avigilon HD videos you will need to download the following Avigilon player. No licence key is required.

Download (70mb)

To see the required specifications please click here.

 Sample images and AVE video clips

  • Street Scene 16MP-HD-PRO-C (90MB) Download
  • Outdoor shot at Shopping Centre 16MP-HD-PRO-C (80MB) Download
  • Multiple Lane Toll Road 16MP-HD-PRO-C (82MB) Download
  • Intersection 16MP-HD-PRO-C (59MB) Download
  • Subway Loading Platform 5MP-HD-C (107mb) Download
  • Airport Gates 16MP-HD-PRO-C (57MB) Download
  • Airport Food Court 5MP-HD-C (46MB) Download
  • Airport Check In 16MP-HD-PRO-C (57MB) Download
  • Train Station 16MP-HD-PRO-C (82MB) Download
  • Marina (at dusk, after sunset, sensor cropped) 16MP-HD-PRO-M (18MB) Download
  • Vehicle with IR illumination at night 5.0MP-HD-DN (14MB) Download

The Data Protection Act 1998

All CCTV systems installed at commercial premises are subject to the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. All surveillance activity must be legal and the Office of the Information Commissioner needs to be aware of your CCTV installation.

If you are obtaining CCTV images to use as evidence, you need to meet the following standards:

  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Install, operate and account for your CCTV images in accordance with the Act
  • Ensure your CCTV scheme is fit for purpose
  • Ensure picture quality is clear and provides usable images of people and vehicles
  • Check time/date displays are accurate
  • Check cameras are covering the required area to the prescribed image standard
  • Record the system checks
  • Train your staff on CCTV law and operations

You must not retain image data for longer than necessary specific to your risk, and documenting the recording process and images produced is essential in case you need to use the footage for evidential purposes.

Signs must be displayed and contain information as specified by the data protection act so to make people aware that they are in a surveillance zone. MRFS can advise on this if necessary.


Remote CCTV Monitoring

Let us protect your property and assets 24/7 from theft, vandalism and trespass with ultimate remote CCTV monitoring system from industry leader MRFS Group.

Our system is a powerful deterrent to unwanted visitors at your property or site, outperforming static guards and mobile patrols and at an attractive price.

Thieves are less likely to steal when they know they may be recorded on camera even though it only takes minutes to carry out a crime.

Criminals are generally not opportunists, they do their homework and they know when to strike, but if you are protected, they may go to another property or site where there is less chance that they will get caught.

CCTV systems generally consist of state-of-the-art day/night colour/mono high resolution or megapixel cameras, linked to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). These units store images from the cameras at your premises.

Through strategically placed cameras and external movement detectors, activity at your property or site can be monitored at our Alarm Receiving Centre, either 24/7 or within agreed time bands. Signals alert operators, who can immediately see what is happening and conduct conversations with unauthorised persons on your property or site.

Having first told intruders to leave the site, operators then call the police, key holders, key holding company and any other bodies, as instructed.

Perimeter Security

When conducting a security review the first objective is to deter the entry of unauthorised persons.

Depending on the type of risk, erecting a new wall, fence or railings may be sufficient. However, for high risk sites, dynamic electronic detection system techniques may also be employed i.e. infra-red beams, fence detection and underground detection systems. These systems are regularly used in conjunction with CCTVs to assist guards with surveillance of large properties.

The Right Choice


Our experienced team of dedicated designers and installers will help create
the systems specific to your requirements, and are ready to assist you now.

We are an experienced independent company so we can offer you the best
solution for each project without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

At MRFS Group, we have systems to cater for all sizes
and scales of homes and businesses.

Avigilon and HIK Vision are our preferred partners in this field,
should your preference be with another preferred manufacturer then please
contact our sales team and discuss your preferences.

For more information on CCTV Systems for Homes or Businesses
please call us now on 0500 288 999 or email



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