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Burglar Alarm Systems for Homes or Businesses

A professionally fitted, well maintained burglar alarm can seriously reduce the risk of your home or business being broken into. Factors to consider include the size of your property, the budget, the type of alarm, the style of monitoring and how you want to operate the system.

A wide range of detection is available from MRFS Group. Options include electromagnetic contacts, infra red, pet friendly infra red, dual technology, break-glass and vibration detectors, together with panic buttons. We can help you choose the right burglar alarm for your home or business.

Our burglar alarms are installed by highly skilled engineers and range from basic sounder systems to multiple sites, wireless and fully monitored solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and can deliver a package to suit any home or business and any budget.


Protecting your home or business against crime is more important than ever in today’s environment and MRFS Group is among the market leaders. Our flexible range of equipment allows us to tailor systems to every requirement and many of the products we supply can be integrated seamlessly with other electronic accessories on your premises.

The burglar alarms we supply, install and maintain are designed to specific requirements, are installed to the highest standards and where required, are monitored 24/7 by our dedicated team. In addition, we have a maintenance department that will ensure the burglar alarm you purchase from us remains reliable and effective. We are an NSI Gold company, so any system you purchase from us will be NSI approved and comply with current ACPO and European Standards, ensuring you have the best possible protection.

With MRFS Group, you will get a complimentary security audit on your premises, arranged by one of our surveyors at a time convenient to you to ensure we recommend the burglar alarm system best suited to your needs and budget.

ACPO Policy BS8243/PD6662:2010

False alarms waste police time and resources, and with this in mind the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has introduced a set of requirements for intruder alarm systems. These are designed to reduce the number of unnecessary police call outs. They cover three aspects of the burglar alarm, and are as follows:

Alarm un-setting

Statistics show that the incorrect operation of alarm keypads generates around 94% of police visits to site. ACPO insists that all systems are unset via ancillary control equipment (ACE) such as key fobs or key switches. The proximity key fob is the most convenient and efficient of these, and one we would recommend for the majority of our customers.

Confirmed alarm signals

Since October 2001, the police will respond only to a confirmed alarm signal. The system must generate two independent activations from different technologies before it can be classed as a confirmed alarm, and we achieve this with two devices acting in sequence. This is the most user-friendly way to conform to BS8243/PD6662:2010.

Compliance with the ACPO Policy and BS8243/PD6662:2010

All monitored burglar alarms are categorised by ACPO into the following response levels:

  • Immediate response

If an offence is believed to be taking place, the police will attend, dependent on the urgency of competing calls and available resources.

  • No police attendance

Should two false hold-up or panic alarms, or three false confirmed burglar alarms occur within 12 months, the police will withdraw their response to this system. Response will only be reinstated once MRFS Group has provided a written application to the police, providing evidence that the system has been free of false alarms for three months and that the cause of these false alarms has been addressed.

Where police response is withdrawn, a key-holding company can be employed to address alarm activations. It will provide a guaranteed response to any alarm, with a security guard available to ensure the continued security of your premises. A site safety hazard letter is required by the police to advise on any potential hazards which may be faced by security officers. Your application for a Unique Reference Number (URN) will begin once this has been received alongside payment of the police charge for the URN.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring

Our approved NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor your premises 24/7.

One of our partners is SMS (Southern Monitoring Services) with who MRFS Group can guarantee 100% resilience as SMS has centres in two different locations, offering accredited high integrity monitoring.

We tailor our dispatch and communication procedures around your individual needs which help reduce your false alarm rate and drives down your costs.

We have a dedicated team to deal with daily administration, which allows our highly trained experts to focus solely on alarm handling. They are friendly and helpful and always available to give advice and discuss new types of signalling.

We use the world’s most sophisticated alarm handling software, which integrates with all recognised signalling technology and has the added advantage of enabling engineers and end users to place systems on test through an operator, VRT (Voice Response Terminal), MASweb (computer) or MASweb Mobile (smartphone).

SMS are BS4737/PD6662/BS8243, BS5979: Cat II, NSI ARC Gold accredited and offer each other mutual support. This helps eliminate day-to-day congestion and would allow either ARC to take over without interruption to service in the event of a disaster.

MRFS Group monitors burglar alarms, fire alarms, panic alarms, lone/vulnerable worker alarms, gas detection/pressure alarms, and freezer/boiler temperature alarms; in fact, we can monitor virtually any premises or piece of equipment.

MRFS Group monitors the latest in alarm signalling technology including Digital Communicators, DualCom and RedCare signalling devices.

The right choice


Our experienced team of dedicated designers and installers will help create
the systems specific to your requirements, and are ready to assist you now.

We are an experienced independent company so we can offer you the best
solution for each project without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

At MRFS Group, we have systems to cater for all sizes
and scales of homes and businesses.

Honeywell (Galaxy) and Texecom are our preferred partners in this field,
should your preference be with another preferred manufacturer then please
contact our sales team and discuss your preferences.

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