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Fire Alarm Systems for Homes and Businesses

Every home and business owner should be aware of the danger and devastation a fire can cause.

Why take the risk?

Mitigate that risk now with a professionally installed and maintained fire detection and fire alarm system from MRFS Group. In your home, your family’s safety is of paramount importance but by failing to install appropriate fire protection, you put your family’s lives, your property and contents at risk.

Trust MRFS Group to provide the reliable, high quality fire alarm you require and keep your property and staff/family safe.

Self-preservation dictates you place the highest emphasis on mitigating the threat of fire, in order to protect your investments at your home or business.

Fire Alarms will not be able to prevent a fire but it is proven that these systems will greatly reduce the risk of injury and loss of life, and limit the damage to property.

MRFS designs, supplies, installs and maintains fire detection equipment and fire alarms which are designed to offer the protection you need in the event of a fire. An undetected fire can destroy everything in an unprotected environment.

Expert fire alarm installation

When you are investing in a fire detection and fire alarm system, it is important to choose the very best products to ensure you have a system you can rely on, including fire detection and fire alarms, public address/voice alarm, fire suppression, disabled refuge, fire telephones and emergency lighting is a vital part of ensuring the safety of people and property.

We supply only the most up to date fire alarm technology and whether we are fitting stand-alone smoke sensors, fully functional addressable fire detection and fire alarm systems through to aspirating detection systems, you can feel confident that we will always complete an installation to the very highest standards with products that conform to industry requirements.

All our products, including fire panels, repeater panels, remote terminals, sensors, call points, aspirators, sounders and beacons, are reliable and conform to the top standards set by the fire authorities.

Our expert team undertakes design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, allowing our customers to feel confident that fire safety at their premises is in the hands of professionals who deliver the highest standards of workmanship in accordance with our BAFE and NSI Gold accreditation.

Our fire detection and fire alarm systems can be monitored by our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre and operators will contact the emergency services or initiate other procedures as appropriate.

We supply addressable and non-addressable fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Non-addressable/conventional fire detection and fire alarm systems

A basic fire detection and fire alarm system is a non-addressable or conventional system. A non-addressable system simply consists of sensors connected to fire zones in order to minimise risk and response time.

By dividing your building into zones, you can immediately locate the fire and potentially save lives.

Non-addressable fire detection and fire alarm systems are usually installed in smaller buildings. If your building isn’t using a one of these systems, the area containing a fire may be hard to detect, with serious consequences.

Each fire zone is represented by a red LED on the control panel. If a building is not zoned and a fire occurs, the whole building would have to be searched instead of help being directed to the hazardous zone by the control panel.

Addressable fire detection and fire alarm systems

In larger buildings where the exact area of fire needs to be pinpointed, an addressable system is the best investment. The detection equipment in these systems is wired on a loop around the premises and each detector has its own address, allowing the exact location of a fire to be quickly identified.

Zoning is done through programming and one cable can be used throughout the building, with individual sensors isolating different areas. These systems can reduce false alarms and will alert the user if a sensor has become faulty. In the event of fire, the control panel will provide a detailed text description of the problem, making it much simpler to identify a fire or fault.

Addressable systems can also be networked, providing a common security point for safeguarding several buildings globally if required and a graphics packages and software are also available so to assist management of various sites.

BAFE and NSI Gold Approval

MRFS Group is an NSI Gold certified and BAFE approved installers for fire detection and fire alarm systems.

BAFE was established in 1984 and promotes quality in fire safety. The organisation is supported by insurers, the fire and rescue service, statutory bodies and leading certification and trade bodies. It is an independent UK non-profit organisation that is the registration body for companies that achieve third party certification.

Companies that gain BAFE approval must be able to demonstrate a commitment to service excellence. BAFE Third Party certification schemes work with UKAS accreditation bodies, in our case NSI, which ensure MRFS meets the appropriate standards and is regularly audited.


Approved Integrators of Gent Fire Alarms

Gent Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems are widely recognised as some of the best on the market and MRFS is proud to be a Gent 24 Approved System Integrator and fully qualified to install these quality systems.

The Gent name is synonymous with quality products and innovation in the industry, and all its technology meets the latest British and European standards. Whether you have a small site or a large multi-site network, Gent Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems are a great investment.

And to quote… “Gent by Honeywell is extremely proud of the independent fire specialist companies that make up our nationwide Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators. These fire companies have been selected, trained and approved based on their extensive capabilities and considerable experience in the fire industry.”

Fire risk assessments

We can carry out fire risk assessments for your commercial property, which are required by law if you employ more than five people. The RRSFO 2005, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect on 1st October 2006, and is effective in England and Wales. The new order insures the ‘responsible person(s)’ for the premises must address and action identified risks by having a fire risk assessment carried out.

The major change in this new process is that people are now in charge of making sure they have the appropriate fire regulations in place and fire safety responsibility has been transferred to employers or business owners of non-domestic premises. This caters for the many types of commercial companies that differ in terms of fire risk. For example, a small firm of solicitors would have a lower risk of a fire compared to a restaurant, night club or hotel. Having a dedicated person in charge of this ensures that the levels of risk assessment were taken care of.

The Right Choice


Our experienced team of dedicated designers and installers will help create
the systems specific to your requirements, and are ready to assist you now.

We are an experienced independent company so we can offer you the best
solution for each project without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

At MRFS Group, we have systems to cater for all sizes
and scales of homes and businesses.

EMS, Gent, Kentec and Morley are our preferred partners in this field,
should your preference be with another preferred manufacturer then please
contact our sales team and discuss your preferences.

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