A business park is likely to provide the base for all manner of different companies offering an array of products and services. However, with so many commercial premises all in the one location, business parks can be a prime target for would-be criminals looking for a potentially easy target so ensuring the site is secure and protected from unwanted visitors is essential.

At MRFS Group, aside from working on individual commercial properties, we can effectively implement security features that will protect a whole business park, including some of the following;

Entry Gates

One of the first security tactics for business parks is to sure up the main entrance, so the installation of large entry gates, that can be automated to provide easy access, will provide a strong initial line of defence against those trying to gain access to commit a crime.

Perimeter Security

A large entry gate that they can’t get passed won’t be enough for a criminal to give up and move on though as they will just look for another point of entry. It is therefore essential to ensure the park’s perimeter is lined with fencing that can be climbed or cut, so as to deter crimes being committed even more.

Security Lighting

Darkness provides the perfect cover for a crime to be committed and after everyone has gone home in the evening, a business park can become a very dark place without the lights from the offices shining out. Security lighting provides the answer to this problem though as it can light up the whole business park throughout the night and increase the chances of someone being seen if they do manage to get passed the entry gate or security fencing.

Visible CCTV Systems

In addition to keeping track of what is going at all times around the business park, installing CCTV cameras that are clearly visible will provide a further effective deterrent, increasingly the likelihood of an individual looking to commit a crime bypassing the park as the chances of being caught and/or reprimanded at a later date being too high.

To ensure business parks and all the commercial premises within them are protected from unwanted visitors, make MRFS Group your number one choice. Give us a call today or complete our online enquiry form to find out more about what we can do for you and your business park.