The question as to what home automation is, is one we at MRFS Group are commonly faced with, so we thought it was time to provide you with a quick fire guide that answers this question and leaves you fully aware of how home automation functions and the features of it.

What is it?

In short, a home automation system enables you complete control over all the electrical systems and technology found around your home from the one location. This in turn makes it far easier to manage, integrate and run all of the systems desired within the modern day home.

How does it work?

We have teamed up with the world’s leading manufacturer of home automation systems, Crestron, to provide you with a simple system that makes controlling various features within your home easy. A simple yet effective touch panel which has been integrated with your current systems or a wall mounted keypad can be installed in your property which gives you complete control, ensuring optimum levels of convenience and luxury.

Why is it necessary?

Today’s modern homes are packed to the rafters with technology and innovation that can be incredibly complex and difficult for you to ensure they are working in harmony with one another. With the busy, hectic lives many of us also now lead, there simply isn’t the time available for you to make sure each system you have in place is functioning effectively by checking each individually, so an automation system save times by enabling you full control from the one spot.

What can it automate?

From the simplest features such as lighting, blinds and curtains through to more complex additions like temperature control, audio/visual systems, intercom and CCTV cameras, plus so much more, a home automation system enables seamless integration of so many different features of your home.

Hopefully you now have a much clearer understanding of what home automation is and how it works through this quick fire guide, so if you would now like to find out more and delve even deeper into this potentially great addition to your home, please don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable team a call on one of the numbers at the top of the page.