Combining cutting-edge MRFS home security technology with intuitive digital media solutions, the Crestron show home at Chelsea Harbour was featured in the June 2014 edition of Show House.

The stunning penthouse property in one of London’s most sought-after locations was a great example of MRFS and Crestron technology working in unison, delivering security, fire safety and home automation within one easy-to-use system. The burglar and fire alarms, door entry system and the Crestron audio-visual systems within the £50 million residence were all installed by MRFS, alongside CCTV in the communal areas and music and mood lighting in the spa.

“We started in security and fire protection and expanded into audio-visual and home automation several years ago”, said Tony Bygraves, our chief executive.

“The integration of several systems by a single supplier reduces project management costs and
worries about divorced liability. You need, especially in high-end residential, your security, AV, heating and lighting to be talking to each other and working similarly to a Building Management System.

“It is important to have the reliability and support of the global brand recognition of Crestron associated with what we offer,” says Bygraves, who founded the Surrey-based MRFS Group in 1983.

“While all these systems can stand alone, having the ability to bring them together is a great benefit to the end-user, providing them security, safety, energy savings and convenience all on a common platform.”

Throughout the Show House article Crestron’s Ross Wilkins talked about the benefits of the audio-visual integrated system, which allows you pick a film to watch while simultaneously checking out share prices, checking the temperature of the wine in the wine cellar and requesting the butler to bring the car around.

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