An integrated system designed around you

Why do I need a survey?

Every property and system requirement is different and our specialist consultants need to carry out a risk assessment to ensure what we install is fit for purpose.


Do I need to tell my insurance company?

It is wise to let your insurance company have a copy of the specification, as your insurance may only be valid if they have agreed the system content. In addition, you may be entitled to a discount on your premium.


Do I need to inform the police if I have an alarm fitted?

Yes, in the event of alarm activations, the police will need to know who are the key holders.


I’ve got pets, can I still have an alarm fitted?

Yes, there are pet friendly detectors which can be fitted on request. Please inform our specialist consultants as bespoke design may be necessary.


I’ve got an existing alarm but want to replace it, what do I do?

Our specialist consultant will need to carry out the same process as for a new system, i.e. to undertake an audit and risk assessment. You will be advised of any equipment that needs replacing due to age, condition and/or new regulations.


Why should I have a monitored alarm?

This depends on your own and your insurance company’s requirements but a monitored alarm is more secure than bells only.


How do monitored alarms work?

The alarm activates and transmits a signal to the ARC (alarm receiving centre), where they have direct lines into the emergency services, who will respond accordingly.


What do I do if I cause a false alarm?

Again, it will depend on whether it is a monitored alarm or not. ‘Bells only’ alarms can be reset by the customer but in some circumstances, monitored alarms can only be reset by an engineer. Our specialist consultant will give you the necessary information.


Will the equipment be installed neatly?

Yes, our engineers pride themselves working in a neat and efficient manner.


Can I combine a burglar and fire alarm?

Yes, integrated systems are available.


Does my burglar alarm have to have a code?

Yes, with bells only. However, monitored systems now have to be operated by ACE (ancillary control equipment) such as a disc, fob or transmitter.

How do panic alarms work?

These are connected to a separate circuit on the control panel and can be operated 24 hours a day. They are reset via a separate key.


Do I have a choice of bell box?

Our standard bell box is blue, this is a prominent visual deterrent and strongly recommended. We also offer a stainless steel unit at additional cost.


How will my alarm be triggered if I get broken into?

This will depend on the protection we have designed for you. However, once the system is set and a sensor activated, this triggers the control panel and activates the sounders and where applicable the signalling equipment.


What happens if someone tries to remove my bell box?

All the equipment has a tamper device, which will activate the system when the equipment is interfered with.


Will someone show me how the system works?

Yes, a full demonstration will be given on hand-over of the system to you.


What do I do If my alarm goes off for no reason?

Call our emergency service centre and our operators will help you either solve the problem on the phone or will dispatch an engineer.


Why do I need my alarm serviced?

In accordance with regulations, systems must be serviced to ensure they are fully operational and batteries are checked.


Can I set my alarm while I’m in bed?

Yes, there is a part set mode option on all systems, discuss this with your sales consultant.


How do I know if my alarm is going off when I’m not there?

You will have to rely on your neighbours if it is a bells only system but if it is a monitored alarm, our operators will call you.


What do I do if I move house?

Please call us. We will encourage you to leave the alarm in place and will offer a preferential deal at your new home. Please discuss this fully with our specialist consultant.




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