You could probably spot a CCTV camera almost everywhere you go nowadays, however this wasn’t always the case and it is only in the relative short term that their use has become more widespread. In order to take a closer look into the use of CCTV within the UK, we at MRFS Group have devised the following brief history that depicts some of the key moments in the development of CCTV and its growth into one of the most popular and effective security systems used today;

1960- Despite first being used in Germany in 1940, it wasn’t until 1960 that CCTV was first used over here in the UK. Metropolitan Police twice set up temporary cameras in Trafalgar Square in 1960 to first monitor crowds who gathered to welcome the arrival of the Thai royal family before also monitoring activities in the area on ‘Guy Fawkes Day’.

1961- The first video surveillance system was installed at a London Transport train station.

1965- British Rail install a CCTV system to watch over a section of track near Dagenham that has been the subject of regular vandalism in the hope to deter or catch the perpetrators in action.

1967- Companies are now beginning to realise the potential of CCTV and begin to market systems to retail outlets, explaining that it can be used to deter or catch shoplifters in the act.

1969- Permanent cameras are installed by Met Police in London’s Parliament Square, Whitehall and Grosvenor Square.

1974- Surveillance cameras are first used for monitoring traffic after being set up on the major roads running in and out of London.

1975- Four London Underground stations have CCTV installed and systems are first used for monitoring crowds at football matches.

1980- An increase in the number of council estates across the UK saw the installation of video surveillance systems as a proactive measure to reduce crime.

1993- The IRA bombing in Bishopsgate, London resulted in the construction of a ‘Ring of Steel’ around the capital; with CCTV cameras playing a prominent role in this.

2001- The terrorist attacks in New York led to the western world increasing security once again, with the use of street-based CCTV for monitoring activity becoming more widespread in the UK.

2011- In more recent times, it is estimated that approximately 1.85 million CCTV cameras are now in use across the UK; showcasing the rise in popularity and use in a short period of history.

Here at MRFS Group, right now in 2013, we can install CCTV systems to boost security and peace of mind in both domestic and commercial properties so get in on the act and ensure your property is as secure as it possibly can be through the introduction of the very latest CCTV technology.